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Those advantages of installing home power storage you must unknown

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You must be wondering why you want to install home power storage systems in your home. Indeed, home power storage systems are expensive, infrequent, and relatively new, so there is resistance. GoKWh is here to tell you a few of the advantages of installing a home power storage system.


The first advantage is the price that most people care about. Some people might say, why don't I just use electricity from the grid in the city? Why don't I just install a generator in the countryside? Generators are much cheaper than home power storage systems! Don't worry, before you talk about price, you need to understand what a home power storage system is. After all, who would want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a pile of iron that doesn't make any sense? Even Jeff Bezos wouldn't throw money around like that. Once you understand the situation, you will find that the higher prices are worth it.


First of all, in many areas, there are policy support and corresponding subsidies for the installation of home power storage systems. Interested parties can see →XXX, which introduces relevant policies in some popular areas. So, your installation cost is actually the total installation cost minus the subsidy cost. Does that sound like a good deal? That's not all. The real advantage lies in the back.


There are a number of areas where you can sell electricity, meaning that the extra energy from your home storage system can be sold to the local grid company in addition to your daily use. Of course, the sale price will vary according to the region. In addition, if you have a home power storage system, you can stop the power supply from the grid and use the electricity stored by yourself during the peak demand period. In this way, you can avoid using electricity during the peak demand period, when the electricity bill will be particularly high. However, GoKWh does not recommend selling electricity generated by home power storage systems as a means of economic income, as the return on investment is low and home power storage systems are better positioned to meet their own needs.


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In this case, the price of the grid will continue to rise as policies change; The initial installation cost of the generator is cheap, but the subsequent fuel costs and maintenance costs add up to a large amount of costs; Home storage systems are expensive to install initially, but over time, the cost will get lower and lower. For example, Germany has a 30% subsidy for home power storage, and after five to six years of installing home power storage, Germans will get a higher return than just using the grid and installing a generator. So installing a home power storage system is much cheaper than installing a generator, and you could be the next Bill Gates.


The second advantage is that it is safe and able to cope with special situations. Now more mainstream home power storage system, the safety is the most likely for home power storage batteries, and at present the mainstream use of household is using LFP battery, the battery heat, also does not contain flammable material in the electrolyte, home power storage effect is good, and even when a failure will not explode, can be said to be the special security of a battery. Similarly, GoKWh uses this type of battery for home power storage, putting safety first.


As we all know, we live in the earth, some natural disasters are unavoidable, such as thunderstorms, avalanches, geological disasters and so on. In such extreme weather, the advantages of a home power storage system are obvious. The grid may escape, but your home power storage system will never betray you. So at present, most households that install home power storage systems are "grid connected". What is "grid connected"? "Grid-connected" is a mode of electricity consumption in which a home power storage system is installed and connected to the local grid at the same time. Using only home power storage systems is what we call "off-grid" and is common in hunting lodges and vacation homes. In addition to the normal use of home power storage system, a very important point is that when the power grid is stopped, the home power storage system can respond within a few milliseconds to continue to complete the power supply work. Think carefully, one thousand you are using computers to do some very important work, suddenly loses power will let you don't have time to keep the progress of all disappear, can let you were dead, but if you have a home power storage system, even if suddenly loses power grid will not be afraid, you still can continue to finish your work, perhaps in the next day, still can obtain the reward of boss, a promotion and pay increase is not just a dream.


The third advantage is to reduce the burden on the earth. In general, home power storage systems convert solar and wind energy into electricity. That means very clean, renewable energy with almost zero emissions. In addition, there is now a hot topic called "carbon neutrality", many enterprises, institutions and households will gradually increase their awareness of carbon emissions, clean energy is becoming a social responsibility. The more clean energy is produced, the more demand for traditional energy will fall, and the less emissions will be emitted, and the better off our environment will be.


There are many advantages to installing a home power storage system, and the above points are just a few examples. The advantages certainly go far beyond those mentioned above, and the specific advantages can only be realized once you have installed a home power storage system. YOLO, why not give it a try?




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